Eclipse / 5:12 minutes
Artist name: Alexander Isaenko

This experimental video from 2 parts, created of photos, is abstract horror. About a harm birth, its occurrence on light… Harms as a whole Part 1. ECLIPSE: Strategy of the viper. Tells about snake egg. Part 2. ECLIPSE: Process initiation. Tells about viper. In both cases the ending identical, the viper leaves a shell and leaves in the world. The main task was to show 2 points of view, a foreshortening, external and private world, out of a shell and inside

I was born on October, 30th in 1976 in a city Izmail Ukraine. Studied in painting in art studio at Odessa university, further was fond of a collage, and after a photo and video Participated in every possible exhibitions, Exposed in Odessa, Moscow painting, photo and video Now I live and I work in Odessa


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