feeler [autofolia] / 6:38 minutes
Artist name: Andrew Elijah Edwards

We often find ourselves interacting with a landscape of language, experiencing concepts and symbols rather than physical stimuli. We program ourselves to tune out our spaces and ignore what much of what we take in. This is an exploration into sensation, direct experience, and the eroticism of sensuality (being of the senses.) It is an attempt to return a lost playfulness and wonder to my interaction as well as an experiment into shared experience, mirror neurons, and video as a means of transmitting perception. I had previously done a similar work within urban spaces, using slow meditative timing. With this piece’s more natural environment, I was interested in the opposite juxtaposition of using the fast urban rhythms to guide the cuts and flow of the work.

Born in the United States, a graduate student studying Electronic Media Arts & Design at the University of Denver.

Artist Statement
We allow ourselves to forget that our surroundings are still new, still explorable, and think monotony to be an external force rather than an aspect of perception. My work is an attempt to return a sense of wonder to our perception and explore the nature of spatial experience.


Email: aelijahe@gmail.com

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