The Green Carnation / 3:37 minutes
Artist name: Angel Rose

In the short film, The Green Carnation, the artist’s disembodied head plays the part of a traditional horror film vamp in the vein of Elvira. But instead of relating campy jokes of the macabre, she muses on death and predicts the inevitable doom of decadence, as her beautiful assistant (Josh Quinton) gazes on despondently. Referencing the gothic romanticism of Poe, Blake and even Shakespeare, this decapitated debutant contorts her hedonism into poetry. Singing her declarations to the melody of Diana Ross’ “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”, she is both disco diva and Disney villain. Her ghostly green countenance embodies the humor and tragedy of an undead diva, while the headless body that lounges on the couch makes clear the hollowness of her tune.

Angel Rose grew up in Hollywood, California, and moved to London to pursue a lifestyle of creativity and debauchery. She received a degree from Goldsmiths University of London. Her work explores trash culture and the darker side of glamour, combining the kitsch and the macabre in her performance art and pop videos. She has performed live at events such as Jodie Harsh’s Circus, Eat Your Heart Out and Illamasqua Cosmetics.

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