The dead man & the dog / 4:41 minutes
Artist name: Brede Korsmo

The dead man & the dog is a film that portrays the relationship between a man and his crooked dog. The dog is said to be humankind’s best friend & companion. We follow the protagonists on a journey, as they struggle across the dunes, through the desert. A quest searching for one’s inner self, a lost oasis in a deserted landscape where there is nowhere to hide from the blazing rays of the sun…

Brede Korsmo is an idea based multidisciplinary artist, working on the border of film & print, feeding one process into another, in an attempt to create a his own storytelling language, inspired by the poetics of everyday-life. Brede developed his work through a mix of graffiti, screen-printing and digital video. Brede is an explorative thinker with epicurean tastes, his work is shaped by the energies of chance, imperfection & happy accidents. Brede has worked on the outskirts of the commercial industry since 2002 and hope’s to remain independent until the end of time.

Artist Statement
WickedWax Pictures is an not for profit organization who is dedicated to the development of experimental narrative and non-narrative films. WickedWax Pictures was founded in London, Feburary 2002. Since the beginning, WickedWax Pictures has worked with the infamous WickedWAX, a crazed photojournalist who roams the streets, searching for new pictures and forgotten stories. WickedWax Pictures is supported by CandleWAX Productions, who finances and produces the selected projects, taken on board. In recent years, WickedWax Pictures has worked with filmmaker Brede Korsmo and his partner in crime, Pelado. Together they have made a wide range of experiments and epic films that has terrified people, deep in the heart of Hollywood and raised eyebrows as far as Bollywood. Pelado has now retired and spends his days in the south of Spain. Since January 2009 WickedWax Pictures has been located in Oslo, Norway, but life there soon came to an end, as new adventures called across the Atlantic Ocean. WickedWax Pictures invested in new equipment and buckled up on a plane destined for Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, where they now have set up a desk and currently researching new projects in Cidade Maravilhosa.



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