See You Soon Love Always / 2:12 minutes
Artist name: Bruno Lazaro

A love ruptured by death, mixing reality with fantasy.

Bruno Lazaro, born in Madrid, Spain in 1969, is a critically acclaimed Spanish-Canadian filmmaker and video artist. He completed his film studies at the Centre for the Arts at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada where he began making short fiction, documentary and experimental films as an independent writer and director.

Artist Statement
Bruno Lazaro’s work often explores themes of cultural duality and questions the control of the individual by the state. The narrative structure of his films tends towards non-linear, dream-like constructions where an impressionist portrayal of character and action provoke emotional connections to the viewer outside the usual realm of film plot tradition. “Evokes the works of such masters of modernist existentialism as Andrei Tarkovsky and Wim Wenders.” (Piers Handling, Toronto International Film Festival)



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