sinaptica / 8:46 minutes
Artist name: Carlo Carlo Marzaroli

live music and video performance

Carlo Marzaroli was born in Treviso (TV) on July, 7th 1964 and lives and works in Ruda (UD) ,and is a musician and a visual artist . After having attended the viol curse at the conservatory “G. Tartini” in Trieste, he attended the course in Music and New Technologies, since 1981 he started his activity as a professional musician playing both as a soloist and as a session-man in several realities and musical genres, from Pop to Jazz and Ethno-music, and he still works as a singer and pianist both in Italy and abroad. Since 2000 he collaborates as speaker with an Italian radio network (Lattemiele Radio) , where he conducts two programmes about cultural and musical information. In the field of the research of music and sonorities of the past, in 2010 he recorded and produced an album about the musical themes of the beginning of the twentieth century, with the Italian violinist Albino Ghini, taking also care of its arrangements. In 2009 he worked as co-relator with the Prof. T. Farroni of the University of Padova, Psichology faculty, on a degree thesis titled “The Influence of music: neuro-cognitive considerations on the normalization of diapason”. In 2009 with Marco Godas, Federico Mullner, Francesco Garbo , Francesco Gavosto , all Italian performers he started the new experience of the “Sinaptica project” , an experiment to make sounds and music interpolate with video .



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