Una Furtiva Lagrima / 3:08 minutes
Artist name: Carlo Vogele

I shot this little musical film in my kitchen over a few weeks in late 2011. It is the result of my passion for beautiful sad opera songs and my interest in the tragic destiny of a fish.

It’s been in festivals this year, touring Annecy, Hiroshima, Ottawa, Telluride and more. It is also part of the 14th Animation Show of Shows. You can visit the blog for more making of pics and film info : furtivalagrimafilm.blogspot.com/

Hi, I’m a filmmaker and animator currently working at Pixar in San Francsico. I am originally from Luxembourg and graduated from Gobelins School in 2008 with the short For Sock’s Sake. After playing around with masks, puppets and dolls, I have become more and more interested in the emotional life of objects. I like to animate anything that inspires drama or just plain fun to me. I also have a passion for the aesthetics of food, theater and dance, ancient paint, classical music and french men!

Animator at Pixar:
2013 : The Blue Umbrella (Short)
2012 : Monsters University
2011 : Brave
2010 : Cars 2,
Hawaiian Vacation (Short)
2009 : Toy Story 3

2008 : Graduation at GOBELINS Animation School, Paris.
Exchange semester at CALARTS.
2007 : Internship at Framestore CFC studios, London, UK.
2006 : Stop Motion Workshop at Bristol School of Animation, UK.
2005 : Master in Theater Arts, Universite Paris 8.

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