In ‘Polizia di Starlight’, astrophysicist Gianluca Masi (from the planetarium in Rome) talks about how he wishes to protect the sky, which is constantly being bombarded with artificial light sources, polluting the night sky above us.

2012 Holstebro Art Museum and Music Theatre in Holstebro
2011 Espergaerde library
2011 Kulturværftet, Elsinore
Published on the compilation: ‘Territory’ – which can be purchased at Holstebro Art Museum and the Photographic Center in Copenhagen, Denmark (screening 2012).

Charlotte Troldahl, born in Denmark in 1970, works primarily as a video and sound artist. The overall theme of her productions are twists and turns in identity and existentialism. Charlotte has produced and worked in collaboration on many projects ranging from, post-colonial environments to mixed reality and fiction, and has continuously worked on creating a graphic expression in her video production. Starting out working with traditional drawing, printmaking and photography in the mid 1990s, then turning to experimenting with computer graphics, animation, video and sound as the techniques in multimedia advanced.

Charlotte holds a degree from Funen-Art-Academy, Odense (year 2000). Received M.A. postgraduate studies in Multimedia Aesthetics at the University of Aarhus (2001-03). Editing course at London Academy of Media Film and T.V. (in 2008)
Teaches fine art, sound editing and animation to both undergraduate and postgraduate scholars.

Polizia Di Starlight #2 / 7:32 mintues
Artist name: Charlotte Troldahl

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