“Human Alienation” Selfportrait / 2:04 minutes
Artist name: Chiara Mazzocchi

“The political and social system that they want to live us, destroys humanity, leaving unconscious in front of everything. The only salvation is inside ourrself. I have expressed this tension with the use of stockings, female symbol, which instead becomes death trap inner obstacle to reunification with nature. Nature is the theme that stands in front of my sense of imprisonment imposed on the social mechanism. There is a window that is repeated often alienating to obsessive repetition to natural faults, which cuts the field looking for an intimate contact with me. The video ends with spaces left blank because there is complete indifference around, and the human individual is so sneaky, he doesn’t leave traces visibly striking”. – Release Year: 2011 Berlin (Germany) Tecnic: Stopmotion (Selfportrait Photos) Running Time: 2:04 Distributor: VisualContainer “Human Alienation” includes 7 PhotoWorks Link at the Works: http://www.chiaramazzocchi.com/2011.html Concept / Acting / Shooting / Editing © 2012 Chiara Mazzocchi

Italian Visual Artist: Photographer/Video Artist/Performer – www.chiaramazzocchi.com

Artist Statement
Chiara has been passionate about visual arts and dancing since she was a child, already fascinated by the mystery of the body, space and colours. At the age of nine she chose contemporary and jazz dance since she felt they suited her personality. At the age of thirteen she was thrilled about attending Art School, where she learned the art of photography, filming and printing in the darkroom. She graduated at the age of 18 in photography and graphic designer. She also attended an extra-curriculum drama course which helped her develop her knowledge on time and motion in art by practising stage presence, gesture, mime, rhythm and speech. She went on to get a degree in photography, direction, sound and vision psychology at the CTC in Milan (Film and Television Techniques School). Over the years, Chiara approached lots of different dance styles and African dance in particular; her dance teacher Jean Ndiaye of the “Ballet National du Senegal” taught her to rediscover earth and nature through the primordial element of sound and movement. In 2007 Chiara gave up choreographic dance to start working as a freelance photographer, graphic designer and videoartist collaborating with several important artists and directors. She then started pursuing more personal projects, such as conceptual self-portraits and self-shootings. Through photography, video art and live performances, her body gives itself freely as a symbolic and psychophysical means of exchange with herself, in an emphatic connection with the world and other people Chiara is currently living and working between Berlin and Milan where she is involved in photography, video art, living performances, creative design and brand-performance experience.

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