Pet Cow / 2:28 minutes
Artist name: Christine Hamm

A cinepoem based on my prose poem, Pet Cow. All footage and music taken from and was free to use under creative commons. Written, directed, edited and read by Christine Hamm. In this poem, I return to the common theme of exploring the connection between women, animals and meat.

Born in California, I’ve lived in NYC for over 20 years. I’ve worked as a social worker, editor, dishwasher and secretary, most recently as a professor and poet. I have two master’s degrees and I’m working on PhD in English Lit, focusing on female poetics. I’m also a poetry editor for Ping Pong, a literary journal published by the Henry Miller Library of Big Sur. I’m especially interested in work that pushes the envelope AND people’s buttons.

Artist Statement
Although I’ve been a poet and visual artist for over 15 years, I just began the process of translation my ideas into film, most recently into “cinepoems” — a new genre that mixes poetry and film.

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