Venlafaxine Hydrochloride / 1:28 minutes
Artist name: Cristobal Catalan

Perceptions of ‘self’ continuously evolve into future ongoing states of ‘equilibrium’. Is the dialectic of body and it’s limitations ever resolved? The relation of the body to the material world raises many questions about the macroscopics of body and space. Taking the name of an anti-depressant medication, this piece chronicles meta-physical visualisations of such states of ‘equilibrium’ pertaining to perceptions of self.

Cristobal graduated with a Master’s Degree in Global Cinemas and the Transcultural in 2008. His research interests include transnational flows of identity and representation; majority-minority relations; cultural imperialism and sexuality. Cristobal has participated on international conference panels and has also developed advocacy led projects that explore identity and diversity. He hopes to develop further projects through video art to explore ongoing issues of voyeurism, privacy and spectatorship.

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