Vaeff_facebook_cutlogThe Video Art and Experimental Film Festival     (VAEFF) is excited to announce an upcoming screening, VAEFF: Special Selections. The showcase is a selection of cutting-edge, international video art and experimental film from previous festivals, which explores the themes of tsunami, sexuality, and identity. The showcase combines widely interdisciplinary videos from a range of genres, and through their combination aims to expose a unifying theme:  the boundaries of self-hood. There will be a Q&A with artists to follow the screening.

Join us! Reserve your seat through our Facebook RSVP page here.

Date and Time:  Saturday, May 10, 2-4 pm
Location:  cutlog Art Fair, 107 Suffolk St., New York, NY (in the East Village)


Nobutaka Aozaki, The Life in Underground
Rossina Bossio, The Holy Beauty Project Volume 3
Jeff Desom, Rear Window Timelapse
Mattais Haerenstam,Closed Circuit (in the Middle of Sweden)
Steven Hoskins, 15 Years
Diego Lama, Transfiguracion
Matthew Lancit, 16 Reasons Why I Hate Myself
Bruno Levy, SOMA
Kalup Donte Linzy, My Heart or My Ass
Daphna Mero, Cotton Candy
Erik Nelson, Bucket Work
Angel Rose, Green Carnation
Flash Rosenberg, Conversation Portrait: A Tribute to George Carlin
Sepideh Salehi, Chador, Strappa (Tear)
Sarah Scaduto, What We Call Ourselves
Andreas Soderberg, Ecological Apple
Jessica Leigh Stevens, Caniformia
Bil Thompson, Tea Bag



AozakiThe Life in Underground / 7 min 56 sec
Artist: Nobutaka Aozaki
The Life in Underground was made in May of 2011, in response to the feeling of displacement that the filmmaker experienced while living in New York during the Tohoku Kanto earthquake and Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan. Shot entirely with an iPhone camera, the video transforms an ordinary New York City subway station into a post-apocalyptic subterranean world through a series of subtitles that detail the conditions left by a mysterious cataclysmic event.


Bossio2The Holy Beauty Project Volume 3 / 6 min 26 sec
Artist: Rossina Bossio
The Holy Beauty Project Volume 3 is the latest installment in a series of videos that examine the seductive power of images and the representation of women as a means to communicate and consolidate social norms as well as ideals of beauty and morality. During the 6-minute sequence, the artist portrays eight different characters that represent various aspects of feminine identity. Set against an epic musical score, the characters dance in the middle of a rain forest and in a studio, wearing costumes inspired by catholic iconography, Latin American indigenous attire and contemporary feminine icons. The choreography alternates stereotypical movements of feminine sexuality, such as those found in advertisements, music videos and fashion, with hieratic, violent and animalistic movements. The Holy Beauty Project is a satire of seduction and the arbitrariness of societal behaviors and values among women. It aims examine the constant need for idols and deities and the need to make sense of life’s apparent absurdity.


Rear_Window_TimelapseRear Window Timelapse / 2010 / 3 min 5 sec
Artist: Jeff Desom
Synopsis: In Desom’s words: “I dissected all of Hitchcock’s Rear Window and stitched it back together in After Effects. I stabilized all the shots with camera movement in them. Since everything was filmed from pretty much the same angle I was able to match them into a single panoramic view of the entire backyard without any greater distortions. The order of events stays true to the movie’s plot.”


HaerenstamClosed Circuit (in the Middle of Sweden) / 3 min 1 sec
Artist: Mattias Haerenstam
 Closed Circuit (in the Middle of Sweden) shows a quiet residential street somewhere in Sweden. The forward moving camera travels down the street, into a large pothole, is “swallowed” by a huge chewing mouth, and turns up on the same street again. This time the street is darker and the sky is red. The camera goes down the street again, down the same pothole that this time leads into a giant intestine, which the camera is passed through until it returns to the same the street.


15_years15 Years/ 3 min
Artists: Steven Hoskins
Synopsis: With Dan Hanna. Reverse aging transformation of a 15 year self-portrait sequence by Dan Hanna, forming the basis for the movie “StartStop” (2009). Used is 32 channel split screen asynchrony to create the illusion of flow.





TransfiguracionTransfiguración / 3 min 2 sec
Artist: Diego LamaSynopsis: “Transfiguración” is a short study on bodily motion and gender issues in which. Under a repetitive gesture, namely a sex act, a character’s role is questioned under a metaphorical veil, which finally reveals itself as an oneiric device.




16_reasons16 Reasons Why I Hate Myself/ 6 min
Artist: Matthew Lancit
Synopsis: This is a film about me and 16 reasons why I hate myself. The list varies from the physical to the psychological, the superficial to the introspective. Some of it is true and some of it is not..





LevySOMA / 4 min
Artist: Bruno Levy
“I observe a bright light that appears in the center of the blackness of my eyelids. This light pulsates to the beat of my heart. At times, it is layered with digital patterns of brilliant neon colors that grow from magentas and greens into a fuller spectrum. When I open my eyes in a dark room, these patterns linger, overlaid on my field of vision. I close my eyes again. The kaleidoscopic visions return – recognizable forms emerge. They seem to exist on the edge of my subconscious. They abstract themselves into the darkness and I am left with a projection of lights and images without beginning, middle or end. They rise like waves, one after another. They are interdependent like all natural phenomena.”


Romantic_Loner_ShortMy Love or My Ass / 2012 / 4 min 35 sec
Artist: Kalup Linzy
Synopsis: A vignette from the feature length Romantic Loner. Set to the song “Darkness I Fall” performed by Kalup Linzy featuring James Franco, Kaye, a video artist and singer falls into an anxiety depressive state while he soul searches and creates his latest work.




Cotton_CandyCotton Candy/ 4 min 23 seconds
Artist: Daphna Mero
Synopsis: A laundromat. A woman is sitting and looking at the spinning drum while eating a cotton candy. Her hands become sticky and dirty. A memory of a violent encounter with a stranger resurfaces. The action of eating in the present merges with her past memory; the laundromat becomes both an interior and exterior space filled with cotton candy. The machine’s repetitive noise fills the Laundromat and dictates the movement inside it. The sweetness turns far too sweet and becomes bitter. And she is spinning. Cotton Candy combines elements from video-art, video-dance and fictional-cinema.


Bucket_WorkBucket Work/ 3 min 13 seconds
Artist: Erik Nelson
Synopsis: Emptying the subconscious ocean by the bucket in 3 minutes.
Bio: Digital shaman, autodidact, amateur builder, reformed power forward, former ex-pat, 1/3 of Wreck and Salvage.





RoseThe Green Carnation / 3 min 37 sec
Artist: Angel Rose
In the short film, The Green Carnation, the artist’s disembodied head plays the part of a traditional horror film vamp in the vein of Elvira. But instead of relating campy jokes of the macabre, she muses on death and predicts the inevitable doom of decadence, as her beautiful assistant (Josh Quinton) gazes on despondently. Referencing the gothic romanticism of Poe, Blake and even Shakespeare, this decapitated debutant contorts her hedonism into poetry. Singing her declarations to the melody of Diana Ross’ “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”, she is both disco diva and Disney villain. Her ghostly green countenance embodies the humor and tragedy of an undead diva, while the headless body that lounges on the couch makes clear the hollowness of her tune.


george_carlinConversation Portrait: A Tribute to
 George Carlin/ 5 min 54 seconds
Artist: Flash Rosenberg
Synopsis: Prominent comedians honor George Carlin, who is remembered for his coruscating mastery of the English language, his irreverence about censored words, and his devastatingly funny insights about timeless human follies such as war, moral hypocrisy, stuff, God, and dogs.



chador_strapa (1)Chador/ 4 min 35 seconds
Strappa (Tear)/ 46 seconds
Artist: Sepideh Salehi
Synopsis: Chador is an silent investigation into the relationship between the chador, or cloak, and the female body. The black and white images, light and fragile like a point of disintegration, tell through a game of transparency what a woman live under the chador – her thoughts, her emotions and feelings. In Strappa (Tear) a man and woman express both tenderness and anger. The is woman frustrated with the limits created by the man. She holds her chador an tears it in anger. The man looks caresses. The game continues.





What_We_Call_OurselvesWhat We Call Ourselves/ 3 min 6 seconds
Artist: Sarah Scaduto
Synopsis: Sometimes life develops so strangely, and before I let it get a hold of me, I wish to get a hold of myself. I reminisce to remind myself that I will always be me. No matter how the present looks, the past will always and forever be dear. This short film includes found footage of myself when I was a five-year old in a Russian orphanage.




Ecological_AppleEcological Apple / 1 min
Artist: Andreas Soderberg
Synopsis: An apple’s last gasp.






CaniformiaCaniformia /11 min

Artist: Jessica Leigh Stevens
Synopsis: Focusing primarily on women’s issues, the film reenacts autobiographical life experiences with a fantasmical twist.





teaThe Tea Bag / 3 min
Artist: Bil Thompson
Synopsis: A clever play with audience identification, the film picks an unlikely object for sympathy—a teabag—and constructs a horrifying story of its death. Mystical overtones stretch the simple act of making tea into epic proportions.

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