Empty / 8:17 minutes
Artist name: Daniel Ivan

Vacío (Empty) is a video-art work about the body, vital space and their “expropriation” by various forms of control. It reflects my concern about the multiple contemporary evidence that points to the fact that we are still far, as humanity, from experience our body as an intimate, deep and inescapable property. – During june 2010, this piece was premiered as a finalist on the 2010 Digital Graffiti Festival on Alys Beach, Florida. (digitalgraffiti.com/digital-graffiti-at-alys-beach-finalists-announced/) – During september 2010, this piece was part of the film screening programme at the International Digital Art Festival of the National Academy of Art at Sofia, Bulgaria. (2010.da-fest.bg/en/events-go/daniel_ivg_n__mg_xico__emptiness__6_19)

Multimedia Artist focused on video-art, photography, experimental music, experimental sound art, multimedia environments, animation, experimental hypertext and net-art. His work is developed on digital environments and with a main focus on the use of new media and new technologies of information and comunication as a central part of his artwork. His works have been exhibited in festivals and contemporary art facilities around the world, such as Cologne OFF (Cologne, Germany based; worldwide nomadic festival -Mexican Visions Program), B.A.N.G Barcelona Art Moving Festival (Barcelona, Spain), the 2010 Digital Graffiti Festival (Alys Beach, Florida), the International Digital Art Festival of the National Academy of Art (Sofia, Bulgaria), Screens program at La Clínica Mundana (Valencia, Spain) -among others-, and have been featured on many modern art focused websites. Most of his works are published under Creative Commons licences and can be downloaded, exhibited and broadcasted freely for non-commercial purposes. He’s also one half of the mexican-argentinean multimedia art combo “Panz4 Troupé”, along with the argentinean sound-artist Sol Rezza.

Artist Statement
I believe in the rejection of the idea of absolute meaning, and in the “sense” as a questionable matter. I believe meaning is a comfort zone we humans are in an urgent need to question, to deconstruct and reassemble as often as possible. Not only when it comes to words, but when it comes to images, to senses, to dogmas. I believe in the need to search for meanings, not to embrace them. In that sense, I believe the political power of art and life is to raise questions, not to develop pamphlets; to confront given answers, not to celebrate them. I work with images, and I try to be always aware of their boundaries. My work is, in that context, configured from a series of questions about image, light, contrast, color; questions on what’s being told in the enclosure of an instant. I think the meaning of an image is a response to the inner beauty of what’s being portrayed. I think the smaller the world portrayed, the less mainstream the world portrayed, the stronger the outcome. I work with moving images, and I try to be always aware of the movement as the most obvious representation of “complexity”. My work is, in that context, a series of questions about images, movement and processes of meaning. Motion design and lettering are a major worry on most of my work, though I don’t use it only as a cosmetic element but as a visual reminder of the “words” and “signs” as full meaning units. The aesthetics of my images are also a constant worry for me; I like to work with low-resolution cams as well as with full digital computer generated graphics (2d and 3d animation, vector graphics, etc.) in order to work with rough textured video footage and/or highly detailed graphics. I think moving images contain an inexhaustible wealth of possible narratives. I’m interested in exploring, in each case, as much possibilities as I can.
Email: art@danielivan.com
Website: http://danielivan.com

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