Love Boat by Red Snapper / 3:33 minutes
Artist name: David Marchant

The ‘Love Boat’ video for me blurs boundaries between reality and non- reality.The doll in the video comments on prostitution not only literally but metaphorically, as it questions our current day condition. The guy running- Skinny, trying to escape the situation of which he is part. The Masks which are apparent facades are a direct comment on our post modern condition. The guy running-Skinny- trying to escape the situation almost suggesting the artists struggle to escape conditioning and to touch on what is real within our post- modern environment.

Artist Statement
My work poses questions about seduction, boundary confusion, manipulation and the loss of the real, challenging a man-made environment in our present, post modern condition. My work is multi layered and images can sometimes be considered ‘slapstick’ with elements of comic ‘one liners’ and having dark, deeper connotations. The work can be read on a number of levels either literally or metaphorically. It can be described as funny yet disturbing, playful yet harsh, colourful yet dark and grotesque. This multi layering helps me engage with a range of audiences in an attempt to escape the seduction of our conditioning and to touch the sublime.

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