Galleria Keidas | Parallel Ads / 1:55 minutes
Artist name: Eero Yli-Vakkuri

Instead of de-constructing existing advertisement imagery and mass-media imagery in general, I’m establishing a parallel stream of advertisements. During Parallel Ads project I made a series of video commercials for a small company in the Kallio district of Helsinki. Instead of working to dismantle the stereotypical ways race, genre and social class are portrayed I used the methodologies and tools of the mass advertisement industry to the benefit of a private entrepreneur. I hope that this gesture will draw more clients for the business. Full text on Parallel Ads project:

Living and Working in Helsinki. Performance, video-art, new media-art. All in socially concerned ethos.

Artist Statement
When I am lucky I get to do what I like best. Mainly conceptual projects which include performance and video elements but I mostly work for others. Due of the variety of freelancer works and businesses I am involved with I think of my self more as an cultural worker then an artist. I think this is a more rewarding approach.



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