Video for Kati Agócs’s “Hymn” for Saxophone Quartet / 5:18 minutes
Artist name: Eli Stine

Commissioned for a March 12th performance of Kati Agócs’s “Hymn” by the AM/PM Saxophone Quartet at Baltimore’s Red Room. Music composed by Kati Agócs, recording (in this version of the video) by the PRISM Quartet, video by Eli Stine.

Eli Stine is an American composer, programmer, sound designer, and video artist currently in Oberlin Conservatory’s Technology In Music And Related Arts program. His interests include digital instrument creation, acousmatic and acoustic composition, collaboration with all fields of art, and the interaction between sound, vision, and motion. More information about Eli, his resumé, and recent works can be found at his website:

Artist Statement
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