sharp / 8:58 minutes
Artist name: Evangelia  Christakou

“Sharp” is an attempt to interpret the male gaze focused on the female, on which the English feminist film theorist Laura Mulvey has referred to in the past as well. In this particular case, the gaze, as Lacan names it, derives from the spectator him/herself. Women spectators, moreover, have a male side. The women in the image is aware of the existence of the spectator, but she lets him watch her. She unfolds her sensual side and calls the spectator to watch without being able to touch. It is a journey for the spectator, with elements of voyeurism as watching through a keyhole, which eventuates in the encounter with the “sharp” side of the female.

Evangelia Christakou is a multi-disciplinary artist from Greece, currently based in London. Her career as an artist so far includes collaborations with various directors in theatre and film, choreographers and performers. Her perfromances involve the integration of video projection in theatre. She focuses on the impact on the psychological and emotional state of the spectator, created by the “cinematic” live experience offered to him/her. She has been exploring the possibilities brought by the experimentation with the use of live filming, projection and live video mixing, into live theatre.


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