volo nero / 6:08 minutes
Artist name: Federica Barcellona

Inspired and dedicated to the poetic force of women in black (in 1988 in a square of Jerusalem by the meeting of seven Israeli women who stay silently for an hour every Friday with signs that say “STOP THE OCCUPATION” to the Israeli Government’s military occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, borns a wave that propagates into other twenty-four cities including Tel Aviv, Haifa, London, Amsterdam, New York, Rome. The movement of DiN (women in black) becomes the symbol, the stimulus for the establishment of women’s groups in different parts of the world that feature this desire to build peace, embracing the expression of their methodology: present in body and soul dressed in black, silent impose themselves and confront the looks of the people. The art of communicating in silent. “Only later learned the art of silence. That useful weapon!. ” – Women of Belgrade October 12, 1996 “…a vision of a world that has the ability to choose and to change this company founded on oppression and on power, on the economic and social injustice. The desire to be protagonists of this change. ” – Luisa Morgantini

Last exhibitions (selection) Volo Nero video installation performance, gallery studio 44 Genoa IT; StARTup Castello d’Acaya, Lecce; Il suicidato dalla società, video installation performance live music, gallery studio 44 Genoa IT; Slowly Site Specific Video installation, ArtWindow Gallery Barcelona ES; 55 Beats per Minute video installation, El Estruch Museo de Arte Sabadell Bcn Es; Madatac Video ArtMy Contemporary Visual Art, Sección Oficial Internacional Sala Berlanga Madrid ES; Frames! Italian style in contemporary video art curated by N. D. Angerame Silpakorn University – Na Phralan Rd., King Mongkut Institute of Tecnology – Ladkrabang – (KMITL) Bangkok presented by Amrit Chusuwan Director of SU Art Center, curator of the Thai Pavillion at Venice Biennale 2009; Videoscaping Videoscapes_http://www.transfera.es/programa41.html; Mitologie femminili contemporanee a cura di D. Sacquegna Primo piano Living Gallery Lecce It. Residency El Estruch Museo de ArteSabadell España Centro Jerzi Grotowski Pontedera Italy Awards 2004 Special Mention National Price of total theatre with “Figlia dell’acqua” Publications “La figlia d’acqua” hystrio Sommario anno XVII – n. 1 Genn-marzo 2004, theatre magazine.

Artist Statement
From 1990 my interest focuses on the actor’s body with intense theatre’s studies (Brook, Grotowski, Barba). I am very enthusiastic to Artaud, Genet and Fassbinder, Weil and obviously to others artists who have become humus of my path. With other female artists we form a group for investigate in the expression of the body of actress based on listening and understanding of feeling feminine. We give life to different shows in Bologna ’90. I follow the Technical method of F. Aberasturi, research body post-organic, cyberperformance. In 1996 I graduate in DAMS with the thesis “The Gypsy flamenco dance as artistic expression-antropologic” and I go out from the scene exclusively spectacular to spaces free of identity, of passage. The writings of h. Cixous, j. Jonas, m. Abramovic, j. Cage and m. Barney, with the evolution of video art (by n. Jun Paik and b. Viola) become the inspiration of my creative research. My attention is focused on women without excluding other social actors; on that inner world, hidden, revealed, paradoxically, in the relation between body and world, so the use of elements of social recognition: the interaction between the physical body and the represented body. Since 2000 I use audio visual media, this allows me to realize the importance of a social environment more and more involved in the process of the work and to operate with two floors of observations and two parallels processing projects. In a communication between different media and performance, the creation is a composition of body, videos, music, photography and objects that together tell a path.


Email: feba69@gmail.com
Website: http://www.barcellonafederica.eu

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