Reflejo / 1:05 minutes
Artist name: Fernando Isassi Ramirez

Fernando Isassi Visual producer. Architecture student. Metropolitan University of Monterrey. Monterrey Nuevo León, México. Co-founder Colectivo 08 Gallery emergent artists gallery. Monterrey, 2008. Solo shows Producto Quimera (Chimera Product). Video-instalations. Project Room, Plaza Fátima Cultural Center. San Pedro GGNL. 2009 Distopia. Video. Aramberri Gallery. 2008 Neuron Capital. Photography. 1116Photograpy Center. 2007 Screams from the Deepest Mind. Photography. Northeast Art Asociation Gallery. 2007 Collective shows Entijuanarte,2010, select video, Tijuana Baja California Mexico Zang Tumb Tumb. Approaches on Italian Futurists. No-Automático. Monterrey NL, 2009. Iberoamericana Biochemicals. Video, Oaxaca, Méx. 2008 2008 Nuevo León Hall of Photography. Nuevo León Art Center. 2008 Contact Proof. Photography. Colectivo 08 Gallery. 2008 Foreign shows Producto Quimera (Chimera Product). Selected artwork. Zona 9 International Video Festival. Santiago, Chile. January 2010. Multimagen Magazine. Selected photography portfolio. Buenos Aires Argentina. August, 2008. Bibliography Entijuanarte, magazine, 2010 Conarte´s Annual Report. 2008 La Tempestad Magazine. November 2008. 2008 Nuevo León Hall of Photography artwork catalog Regiovidens Section, Monterrey City´s Cultural Issues website. 2008. Record Newspaper´s cultural section. November 2007. Cuarto Oscuro Magazine. Selected portfolio. 2007.



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