Flashing Bodies Action 8: Censura Emocional / 7:16 minutes
Group name: Completely Naked Collective

Based on the on-going idea of the Myth in this year’s Escrita Na Paisagem festival, Censura Emotional is a participative event exploring how we create myths, prohibitions, boundaries and censorships regarding our identity both as physical and emotional human beings.
Are myths the fruit of prohibitions? Myths are the unknown, what’s untenable, inaccessible; once you access a myth it stops been one. So, do we impose emotional censorship to ourselves? What are the limits? What’s acceptable and what’s not and why? Are we restricted by physical issues or should we be more afraid of our emotional fragility?

Group Statement
Bodies are places of discipline, as we all learned from Foucault. Known to be provocative, unruly, undisciplined, the Completely Naked collective puts the body at the core of their visual and performative research. Their Flashing Bodies series allow us to explore issues such as gender politics, intimacy, censorship and (extreme) sexual behaviour, identity, community, presenting a series of live events, based on workshops and participatory strategies, and a series of photo-performance books.
Commissioned by Festival Escrita na Paisagem, Flashing Bodies – Action Eight took place in Évora, Portugal, providing a working map to an international group of performers who embodyed emotional censorship and myths. The project driven by Pau Ros, Pablo Goikoetxea and Pablo Robertson, explores found locations, both industrial and natural spaces in Évora, giving rise to a set of images, creating a challenging live presentation and the book you are now reading.
On making Flashing Bodies, Completely Naked confronts participants and audience with body politics, performing gender troubles, negotiating both intimacy and the public realm, embodying myths and surfacing censored senses and deeper emotional forbidden gestures. But also by giving time to the experience, slowing down in space, and to merge, so to speak, in body and location, by contrasting everyday experience with natural locations and found places, Flashing Bodies – action eight drives its provocative, unruly and undisciplined core to a new unprecedented level. Try it, take your time!

Group Profile
Completely Naked is a visual arts initiative. London based founders, Claire Ward-Thornton and Pau Ros created Completely Naked in November 1999. Currently Completely Naked comprises a team of free-lance collaborators, like Pablo Goikoetxea.
We explore representations of the human body and challenge social boundaries around personal identity. Our work combines an interest in culture, psychology and communication with design by engaging public audiences in exciting methods of interactivity and art.

Our projects often raise challenging questions and inspire extraordinary responses from a diverse community of artists and non artists alike. Our work aims to be inclusive and connects us with a network of visual happy people!
We like to think that our projects are constantly evolving… Through pubic interaction, our live projects define the attitudes of society today.
By maintaining a strong human aspect to the ideas, we create interactive environments which invite the audience to freely express their personal interpretation of a simple but provocative concept.
We apply predominantly time based media, photography and video to actual and virtual spaces. The internet has provided an exciting, exploratory space for us to curate online galleries of submitted work.

Our work has toured to cultural festivals and venues in Europe including Escrita Na paisegem (Evora, Portugal), Teatre Lliure (Barcelona), CCCB in Barcelona, ‘Desviaciones’ in Madrid, Motel Mozaique in Rotterdam and the National Review of Live Art in Glasgow. Commissioners include Shooting Live Artists, LIFT Festival, New Work Network, the Geothe Institute and the British Council.

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