Breaking Apart / 24:26 minutes
Artist name: Guido Rinaldo Basilio

[This film is from the “1D-IR” series of one dollar realist films.] Grace is an aspiring writer while Christian is an aspiring actor. Their differences over each others’ chosen path is just the beginning of the end of their deteriorating relationship. Heightened, theatrical monologues are performed throughout their story by a ‘Female Provocateur’ and a ‘Male Provocateur’. They serve as not only possible representations of Grace and Christian’s underlying emotions but also reflect the universal factors people may feel and experience when involved in a relationship that is heading toward destruction. A mysterious character known as the ‘Purpose Maker’ serves as the narrator of the piece and frequently comments on Grace and Christian while attempting to find justification for their behavior. Note: This 25-minute short film contains explicit language and sexual references.

Film/video maker capturing the human experience in unconventional, performance-based and often comedic ways. Along with actor Kai Issey, founded Issey Rinaldo Films and established the “1D-IR” and “Documents of Life” series.

Artist Statement
The (2) film/video series Mr. Basilio has created are as follows…A fundamental similarity we all share are the emotions we are potentially capable of feeling and experiencing. “The Documents of Life” is an ongoing experimental and comedic video series about those feelings and experiences. “1D-IR” is a one dollar realist film series. A one dollar realist film is a low to no-budget bare-bones film, which through a narrative or through conceptual expression is about anything regarding the human experience.

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