Circle in a Circle with Circle, thus Circles, Circling, Circled / 2:36 minutes
Artist name: Harry van de Bospoort

Circle in a Circle with Circle, thus Circles, Circling, Circled is a work that is produced by means of the rotation of a merry-go-round in a children’s park, similar to the Zoetrope of the nineteenth century. This movement creates a strobe video comprised of 648,000 circles; circles within circles, within circles. Accompanying the piece is a female voice recites a passage from The Circular Theory by Ilexa Yardley.

Harry van de Bospoort is an artist currently studying at Edinburgh College of Art. His work is primary composed of video and installation and focuses strongly on experiential qualities, often creating serene or disorientating situations with pertinent themes ranging through optics, chaos theory, memory and play. He often creates works outside traditional art spaces, instead favoring urban public spaces in which the objects or interventions are not always apparent to be artworks. These works encourage the double take, enticing viewers to visually engage with transitory moments in their daily lives and ask questions of not just the work but other intense, interesting moments in the city that people normally just pass by.

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