Les 5 Siamoises / 5 min
Artist: Hugo Arcier

In one of the first shots of Les 5 Siamoises the camera travels through a hallway
of doors, a Freudian image so often used to signify a trip into the subconscious. Apart from this one shot, the director’s choices are anything but obvious.

Hugo Arcier is a director and 3D graphic artist living and working in Paris. As a digital artist, he has worked on the visual effects of several feature films for well-known directors like Roman Polanski, Jean-Pierre Jeunet or François Ozon. As a video artist, his research is mainly graphical, sometimes close to abstraction. In his videos, he uses a wide range of digital tools, such as 3D computer images and compositing. His universe generally takes form from the daily life, but he transforms it, he distorts it with time expansation, broken down movement, moving shapes, transparency, ghost-like shapes, hypnotic motifs, palindromic editing, and refinement of the picture. He goal is to blur the boundaries of reality.

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