Pilgrim / 20:16 minutes
Artist name: Ian Henderson

A hooded figure traverses a fantastical landscape moving between various locations searching and travelling.

Curriculum Vitae Date of Birth 9th March 1965. Qualifications 1982 SCOTEC Diploma in Art & Design, Falkirk College of Technology 1988 BA(Hons) Design, Edinburgh College of Art 1989 Postgraduate Diploma in Ceramics, Edinburgh College of Art 2006 Masters Degree in Fine Art, Edinburgh College of Art Exhibitions May 2011 Quay Gallery, Aberdour – collection of prints Completed two 12? outdoor sculptures at Philpstoun House, West Lothian. March 2007 Darkspace II Royal Scottish Academy, The Mound, Edinburgh Sept. 2006 Video Installation in Group show, The Lighthouse, Granton Road, Edinburgh June 2006 Masters Degree Show, Edinburgh College of Art, Lauriston Place, Edinburgh April 2006 “Prawn, Pawn, Porn” MFA Group show, Edinburgh College of Art June 2005 Interim Master’s Show, Edinburgh College of Art, Lauriston Place, Edinburgh March 2005 “Fromage et Frottage” MFA group Show, Evolution House, Edinburgh March 2005 Student Exhibition, Royal Scottish Academy, The Mound, Edinburgh

Artist Statement
My artwork has slowly evolved to utilise video in a number of ways; in installations, through the development of stand-alone pieces of video and occasionally as a documentary record of other art endeavours. Most of my work dwells on some aspects of religion, human perception or the slowed-down sensations experienced in meditation.The use of video has become a way of creating environments that encourage a slowing down – a move away from the usual overstimulation associated with urban existence. Natural phenomena, the landscape and various bodily or aural phenomena are used to create a meditative and reflective ambience.


Email: ian.henderson73@virgin.net
Website: http://ianhenderson.wordpress.com

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