Stoma – Performance By Idan Chabasov / 6:12 minutes
Artist name: Idan Chabasov 

There are currently over 6,000 people with stoma in Israel. Stoma is a surgical procedure that takes place when there are colon inflammations, disease of the digestive system, intestinal cancer, and even road accidents.?There are 400 annual stoma procedures in Israel that effect the social, occupational and everyday relationships of the patients. This intrusive procedure entails transferring the anus to the stomach area where the artificial opening is then used to drain feces into a special provisions bag. The bag is placed 5-10 cm from the stomach.

I was born in 1985, I was a ballet dancer all my life, until I decided to Quit. Currently, Live in Tel-Aviv and Studying animation in a art school, Doing stop motion video and performance-video-art, but Specialized in 3D render\Modeling and 3D animation. Besides, working on a new 3D movie called “Utopia”. Going to finish the film next summer.

Artist Statement
Love to discover new materials, I can work with them in my video. The movement in the frame Very important to me. In my work I try to “shake” myself first of all, That’s the way I know it touches others too.



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