The elevator dream / 1:28 minutes
Artist name: Idan Chabasov

I dream a lot about elevators, all kinds: up, down, turns around, shakes and more … So I decided to make video, to Express the feelings in the dream.

I was born in 1985, I was a ballet dancer all my life, until I decided to Quit. Currently, Live in Tel-Aviv and Studying animation in a art school, Doing stop motion video and performance-video-art, but Specialized in 3D render\Modeling and 3D animation. Besides, working on a new 3D movie called “Utopia”. Going to finish the film next summer.

Artist Statement
Love to discover new materials, I can work with them in my video. The movement in the frame Very important to me. In my work I try to “shake” myself first of all, That’s the way I know it touches others too.



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