Position 8 / 3:42 minutes
Artist name: Ivana Basic

Position 8 is a video piece which belongs to a serie of ongoing video works called Positions. Positions are videos that deal with objectification of the body as a mode of existence and the possibility of overcoming it’s predefined boundaries.

Born 1986 in Belgrade, Serbia. Lives and works in New York.

Artist Statement
Ivana Basic is research-based artist and designer, whose work explores body as a mode of existence and appearance, through social, political and technological contexts. Basic was born in Serbia in 1986, and spent most of her life in the conflict saturated territory of the Balkans. Being witness to the conditions of one of the worst contemporary wars, became the basis for her art practice and focused her work on the body and its limitations. In her practice she moves across different mediums, stemming from the material demand of the concept in question. Final outcomes span the tactile and the digital, including drawing and sculpture; still and moving image; and interactive installations that make use of custom software and circuitry. In her process she uses facto-graphical and abstract, utilizing sensory data as well theoretical frameworks as starting points for the research. In her works the artist uses her own body to communicate given concepts. Ivana Basic, is a graduate of Faculty of Art and Design in Belgrade and is pursuing her masters at Interactive Telecommunications Program at Tisch School of Arts, NYU. In 2010 she was awarded Tisch Department Fellowship. Basic has exhibited her work in Serbia, Italy, Netherlands and USA.

Email: ivanaabasic@gmail.com
Website: http://ivanabasic.com/

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