Nightfall/ 1:53 minutes
Artist name: Jake Fried

Jake Fried takes us through a journey deep into a dense forest of the unknown where mythical beasts appear under nightfall and coded ancient hieroglyphics hold dark secrets.

Jake Fried (b.1984) lives and works in Boston. Primarily known for his paintings, Fried is currently working on a series of hand-drawn, experimental animations or “moving paintings”. He has been an Educator at The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston since 2007. His website is

Artist Statement
My experimental animations evolved from my traditional drawing and painting practice; I have always layered and reworked my images for weeks.  Eventually I realized I was more interested in the “evolution” of the image than any “final state”. The work is not preplanned, but becomes itself through the process of making – I fundamentally believe art-making should be a “discovery” process, otherwise I have no interest. I see my films as “objects of contemplation” in the same way someone would approach a painting or sculpture.

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