Domestikia, Chapter 3: La Petite Mort/ 4:33 minutes
Artist name: Jennifer Linton

A tale of love, betrayal and one vengeful butterfly. Created using paper cutouts and articulated paper puppets, “Domestikia…” capitalizes on the anti-realism inherent to this stop-motion technique to conjure a dreamlike atmosphere of pure fantasy. This project was inspired by the surreal animations of Lenica, Borowyck and Svankmajer, Japanese tentacle erotica, and those strange, middle-of-the-night dreams one has after spicy food.

Jennifer Linton is an interdisciplinary visual artist who works in stop-motion animation, installation, drawing and printmaking. She holds an MFA in Visual Arts from York University (2010), and a BA in Art & Art History from the University of Toronto (1992). Linton has been the recipient of numerous awards, including grants from the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council, and the Toronto Arts Council. She currently teaches Printmaking at Sheridan College (Oakville) and Drawing in the Faculty of Design at OCAD University (Toronto).

Video Credits
Story, artwork and articulated paper puppets created by Jennifer Linton
Stop-motion animation by Carla Veldman
Original musical score by Zev Farber
Directed & edited by Jennifer Linton

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