John Cassavetes, Peter Falk and Ben Gazzara promoting their new film “Husbands” on The Dick Cavett show in 1970.

The three men, drunk and boisterous, appear to be in character during the entire interview.

Cassavetes: “So we’ll stand up here on this show and we’ll do anything we have to do to make it clear that we don’t care really what you think of us, except that we want to express ourselves the way we want to.”

Made over a two year period, Husbands tells the story of three middle-aged men (Falk, Cassavetes, and Gazzara), re-examining their lives after the death of a close friend. After bar-hopping and long subway conversations, the trio decide to take a trip to London, in the hope of finding something long lost, and possibly never possessed…

Cassavetes wrote the script after improvising scenes with Falk and Gazzara. Falk later described his experience of working with Cassavetes as a director:

“You never knew when the camera might be going. And it was never: ‘Stop. Cut. Start again.’ John would walk in the middle of a scene and talk, and though you didn’t realize it, the camera kept going. So I never knew what the hell he was doing. But he ultimately made me, and I think every actor, less self-conscious, less aware of the camera than anybody I’ve ever worked with.”




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