Mask by Pumajaw / 4:07 minutes
Artist name: John Wills 

Two layers of masking are used in this video. The clothes of the singer and then a distorted film of ‘The Bust of a Veied Womanl’ a sculpture by Antonio Corradini which wheels in front of the singer blotting her out and then letting her back in only to be frustrated again and again. As the song progresses the madness of our new divisive society is explored in the guise of a pop video.

I was originally a former member of art-noise band, Loop. During this period I got interested in film but never had the time to explore film making in depth. Since then I have really got into film editing as it has so many similarities to writing music.

Artist Statement
Simple really. I love making and especially editing films. I am very inexperienced but have a passion to promote more interesting bands through film. I hope to share the journey of discovery with some.



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