pHases / 5:51 minutes
Artist name: Joy Whalen

pHases is a four part video performance piece, where the first day’s performance was projected onto the background of the next, then second day onto the third and so on: resulting in a mulit-layered shadowy underworld, one phase getting darker than the next.

Joy Whalen received her BFA from Columbia College Chicago in 2005 and her MFA from Pratt Institute in 2007. She has exhibited extensively in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, as well as internationally. In October 2007, Whalen was a core performer in Memorial Gestures at the Chicago Cultural Center, choreographed by Ernesto Pujol and is currently part of the UTE HAUS associated performance group, which debuted at The Marina Abramovic Center for Performing Arts in 2011. She received a 2008 Brooklyn Art Council DCA Re-grant award for a public performance based video project, as well as a 2010 DCA Re-grant award for a yearlong drawing project. Her video work is part of the Souvenirs from Earth television broadcast program, Cologne, Germany. Whalen lives, works and exhibits in New York City.

Artist Statement
Alan Kaprow spoke of creating fantasy of an art that approaches a delicate but marvelous life and developing it into a work that maintains itself by a mere thread. Ideas will then melt into an elusive, changeable configuration with an essence that extends beyond the piece itself. In a similar fashion, within my own practice, things fall apart or come together in surprising and enigmatic ways. There is a dissonance between the ambiguity of what is happening on a mechanical level and the clarity of what is happening on an emotional level. It is this delphic space that I have begun to occupy: the boarder of solidity and transcendence. ———————————————————————— So, here is the eternal solitary wanderer: pensive and trying to understand this life on earth, attempting to define what this suffering and sighing is, what this self is. She is leaving the real world behind, abandoning all familiar, loving company. Each work is a story of being lost and of loosing, of trying to regain and find again, of the joy and sorrow of what it means to connect with others, but never really connect at all. These are performances of a singular woman, awkwardly attempting to pull everything in and bind it together, holding on tightly, and through movement, describing how hard it is to truly talk about things. Documented with video and tightly edited, final video performance works serve as messages in a bottle that are written earnestly, with love and with sadness, and then tossed out to sea.

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