no reaction / 3:33 minutes
Artist name: Katerina Katsoura

In our days, human relationships have become distant as never before. People are isolated, they don’t react to one’s touch and loneliness dominates even when someone finds himself in the most crowded place. There are times that the person sitting next to us is passive, indifferent or scared, which is the worst of all.

Katerina Katsoura Born in Larissa, Greece in 1984. She studied fine arts and science of art at the University of Ioannina. She has taken part in art festivals and exhibitions like Photometria 2010 with the video art EVE, Photometria 2011 with the video “No reaction” also this video has been exhibited at the Artogether festival 2011 and at the video art exhibition “en Asty” in Chania, Crete. Also has taken part in the art exhibition “Writing and reading” in Chania, Crete with the video “Route of Writing”. She deals also with paintings, installations and stained glass. Works of her can someone find at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Olivepress in Chania and private collections.



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