A Robin’s Nest / 2:00 minutes
Artist name: Keaton Fox

A bit about nests. A look at the work that goes into the animalistic abode, which can also be seen in human familial aspects. How a mother can create a home and a tone, that will always be remembered and never will be duplicated.

Artist Statement
We played a game once where everyone had to write down a word to describe someone else in the room. After everyone writes down their word, they are all put into a hat and everyone must guess which person matches which word. The unanimous word that was chosen to define me was ‘sunshine’…. The majority of my life has been a daze of happiness, carelessness, and optimism. There were some days when I would realize this, but I mainly thought that was just how things were meant to be. It was just recently that I started to question the immense joy that seemed to lead my, and only my, existence… I had never known anyone to die, I had a close and healthy family, and I had the greatest friends one could hope for. But that all changed. As everything eventually does… That change is what I have and continue to struggle with, and is the focal point for most of my work. Change in general, but more specifically, the change between childhood and the rest of one’s life. With themes surrounding the loss of innocence, relationships, and simplicity- my work seeks to explore the meaning behind these losses and to document the process of moving on from them.

Email: keatonemelia@gmail.com
Website: http://http://vimeo.com/foxnamedkeaton

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