“Katachi” means “shape”.
The video is made with approx. 2000 silhouettes extracted from PVC plates using computer-controlled cutter.

Director, Concept, Animation – Kijek/Adamski
Production – Katarzyna Rup / Ab Film Production
Cast – Artur Cetnarowski
Gaffer – Heliograf, Blitz
Studio set – PlumArt Marcin “Śliwa” Śliwiński, Arek Szot, Joanna Kijek
PVC cutting – Dawid Krzyżanowski/ My-Art
Thanks – Studio Las, Paweł Reyman

Making of:

Shugo Tokumaru “KATACHI” / 3:04 minutes
Artist name: Kijek/Adamski

We are creating/directing duo based in Warsaw, Poland. We met years ago in high school. We both studied graphics but mostly apart in two different cities. Our interest in creating moving images were increasing over time and at some point we decided it is very practical to team up.
In the meantime Przemek (Adamski) made his first music video (Pink Freud Dziwny jest ten kraj), which happened to be the best Polish music video of 2007 and that award somehow determined our later work. Later we made (amongst others) music videos for Oi Va Voi Everytime a.k.a. the shredding machine music video and Grand Central for Tomasz Stańko Quintet – both were featured on Motionographer some time ago.

Official website:

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