High Expectation focuses on society’s depiction of femininity in the context of family photography, and the gap between the idealized photograph and the reality it represents.The film questions the role of family photography as the key way to form memories and examines the effect it can have on one’s perception of the future.
People take the same photographs and most family albums look alike. The film visits some of these iconic family photos scenarios, feeding of the tension and dissonance created through the staging of mundane moments in life.

Featuring: Ifat Fux, Shahaf Mayron, Robert Fresson
Original Music by Frank Ilfman
Sound Design: Soho Sonic
Design and animation: Liron Kroll
Additional Animation: Yosi Shilon
Stylist: Minna Attala

Liron Kroll is a visual artist based in London, her practice lies between design, motion-graphics and photography. She studied visual communications at H.I.T, graduating in 2006 with honors and recently completed an MA in Communication Art and Design at the Royal College of Art, London.

The themes of her work are based around the illusiveness of normality. She is interested in the inherent contradiction in the need to belong to a social structure, but being simultaneously repulsed by it. She creates uncanny photomontages that are invented realities and feeds off the tension and dissonance created by staging mundane moments in life.

She has worked on diverse projects that include motion graphics, animation as well as network branding and fashion photography productions. With varied clients that include Channel 4, Ron Arad Associates, Channel 2 Israel. She has exhibited and featured in publications such as Motionographer, IDn magazine, Computer Arts magazine, Adobe Design Achievement awards, International woman’s film festival and many more.

Official website:

High Expectations / 3:18 minutes
Artist name: Liron Kroll

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