Obedience / 7:04 minutes
Artist name: Luis Lamadrid

Madrid, May 2011. Politically aware young people protest against unemployment, economic crisis and political corruption and settled in the Puerta del Sol and organize political meetings, demonstrations and seek solutions.

Luis Lamadrid is a Madrid-based artist and works in Spain as a video maker, graphic designer. From 1989 to 1992 was part of the creative team Utray-Lamadrid. Utray-Lamadrid started its artistic career in 1989 with the presentation of its video installation “Vicios Privados Beneficios Públicos” (Private Vices Public Benefits) in the international contemporary art fair of Madrid, ARCO89 (VideoArco 89). In 1989, the team moved to the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf and produced two videos in the class of Nam June Paik : “Punto en boca” (Leaps Sealed) and “Experiencia vital concentrada” (Life Experience Concentrate). Two years later, Utray-Lamadrid participated in the 1991 edition of the prestigious Exhibition Muestra de Arte Joven. It also produced during that year two of its most innovative videos: Vídeo Retratos (The video portraits), “Panes y Azotes” (Bread and Lashes) and “Passé Parfait” (Pass Perfect). Later, in 1992, it was awarded the First Video Art Price of Madrid Capital of Culture for the dance- video “Siete Montañas y Siete Ríos” (Seven Mountains and Seven Rivers). In 1993, after a grant in the Schloss Solitude of Stuttgart, it completed “Eifriges Nichtstun” (Acurate Idleness), a pseudo-documentary video which combines images of miners and metallurgical workers with literary references to the sacred and secular aspects of physical work. In 2010 “Eifriges Nichtstun” was included in the catalogue of the video distributor Hamaca of Barcelona. Between 1994 and 2004, working as a video maker in Spanish tv channels such as Canal Plus and Canal Satellite Digital. Since 2004 works as a graphic designer and webmaster while continuing his artistic work with videos such as “Lo”, “Tío Pepe”, “Naked Reality”, “Obedience”, “Found Footage Self Portrait”, “The European wants to play” and “A sound is a sound”.

Artist Statement
My videos cover a wide variety of genres: video-collage, video-poem, video-portrait, video-dance, video-documentary approached from a perspective of conceptual experimentation and musical composition. The error, technical limitations and the balanced random inspire the most of his works.
1. Video art is stated in its own tradition: Paik-Vostell
2. It is not fiction or documentary. It is not made with invented characters and stories, nor with true stories and real characters
3. It contains feelings, conflicts and ideas
4. Images and sounds are autonomous. They can be complementary, but they are separate works
5. The production conditions are simple. Video art rises outside the imaging industry
6. The materiality of video art is translatable into different formats and media, existing or future
7. It is conceptual and easily reproducible because of the clarity of the idea and the simplicity of production
8. It must be in the public domain and not an object for collection or exchange
9. It is a technological unconscious adapted to a heterogeneous reality, mediatic and problematically virtual
10. For all the above, video art is vital, political and emancipatory


Email: luislama@yahoo.es
Website: http://www.onepage100.com/portada.htm

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