Suspension / 2:24 minutes
Artist name: Marcantonio Lunardi

2° part of the trilogy of decadence. “Suspension” express the author’s mood squeezed between the social condition and the political situation around him. This work is based on a waiting condition: the Italian citizens expect long since that something changes. Today each home, each family has one or, many time, more TV. But TV, since the late ’80, became a sounding-board of a culture full of superficiality, degrade, destruction of each ethic form. At the beginning the voice of the leader is clear but quickly becomes distorted, chaotic, incomprehensible and changes in a continuous background noise that accompanies the daily life of all Italian families. The meaning of his words becomes unimportant because citizens feel his speech like a disharmonic interference with their lives. Each protagonist observes the viewer with an attitude of expectation and an underlying question: “Will anything change?” But change seems impossible because TV get the upper hand. The final epiphany of the leader dominates the viewer, transforming him in a player of the drama on the screen.

Born a Lucca (Italy) 1968. Lives and Works in Lucca and Instanbul. Director, cameraman, documentarist, Marcantonio Lunardi has practiced, since the beginning of his experience, a contamination of visual techniques, which is the most significant feature of his work. Graduated from the Festival des Peuples, hestudied, among the others, with Daniele Gaglianone, Leonardo di Costanzo, Giuseppe Napoli, Gherardo Gossi, Marie-Pierre Duhamel Muller, Luca Gasparini. By following the master class with Michael Glawogger, Sergei Dvortsevoy, Thomas Heis, he has been able to deepen his knowledge of the directing art and of its hardest aspects. By placing his work between the traditional documentary genre and the visual experimentation , Lunardi has tried to mingle the specific technical and linguistic knowledge he acquired in different forms of expression, and he is constantly searching opportunities to connect the ones with the others. His instinctive curiosity has also induced him to a confrontation with music: in fact, he realises stills to accompany sounds, he organises them and transforms them, thus creating what he defines “a video score”. One of the most significant features of his work is the development of a poetic of exploration of the relationship between the aesthetic and political content. The action is the recurrent theme of his production : action as historical memory, but also as a representation of the present which wants to overpass itself and its symbolic stillness. Time, expressed through images, becomes for Lunardi a central element of reflection on the human nature, both individual and collective, always taking into consideration the culture from which it was born. Action, time and humankind are the key-terms of his visual language, placed each time into the social situations which become the objects of his narration and of his own experience.



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