16 Reasons Why I Hate Myself / 3:32 minutes
Artist name: Matthew Lancit

This is a film about me and 16 reasons why I hate myself. The list varies from the physical to the psychological, the superficial to the introspective. Some of it is true and some of it is not..

Matthew Lancit’s experimental works have been invited to screen at Chasma and the Film Anthology Archives in New York, the art department at UCLA, and on the Saatchi Gallery website. His short film Death of a Gentleman competed in festivals like: Rhode Island International Film Festival, Montreal World Film Festival, San Francisco International Short Film Festival, and Festival International de curtas-metragens de Sao Paulo. His first feature length documentary Funeral Season received the prestigious 2011 Rising Star Award at the Canada International Film Festival. Aside from making film and video art, Lancit has published heavily personalized essays on a wide range of topics – from the art of cartography to bibliotherapy. He currently resides in Paris, France.

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