Sparks 4 / 1:32 minutes
Artist name: Matthew Pell

Sparks 4 depicts a sparkler as it ignites and then burns and is extinguished. The video is part of an ongoing series of works dealing with the manipulation and abstraction of time, view, movement, size and sound on objects that emanate light. Through the recontextualization of these phenomena, the fundamental elements of these objects may be observed in a way impossible through natural circumstances.

Matthew Pell is an English video artist and photographer. He received a Master of Arts in cinema studies from Nottingham Trent University and a Higher National Diploma from Dewsbury College. Pell’s work explores figurative movement, voyeurism, manmade objects that emanate light, and the manipulation of time and sound. He has collaborated with musicians, theatre companies and sound artists to produce projections for live performances, music videos and experimental films. His work has been exhibited in the United Kingdom and internationally.

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