Duck and Cover, Charlie Brown / 6:31 minutes
Artist name: Mike Celona

A live video mix generated as visual accompaniment to the track of the same name by Scottish band Suplex The Kid, ‘Duck and Cover, Charlie Brown’ takes the viewer on a disturbing trip through the iconic Peanuts character’s mind as he suffers a mental breakdown while contemplating the implications of the Cold War nuclear arms race that beset the world during the height of the famed comic strip’s popularity.

Mike Celona is a video artist and photographer who graduated with a BFA in Art Video from Syracuse University’s School of Visual and Performing Arts in 2005. He frequently tries to capture the subtleties of everyday life through the cold lens of technology either through heavily processed imagery or through the simplicity of a single unbroken shot. In addition to his personal projects Mike currently works as a film/video editor in Rochester, NY.


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