Six Moments Of Clarity / 2:11 minutes
Artist name: Mikey Peterson

Tension and disorientation build as six symmetrically arranged lit candle flames stand in silence, gradually coming to life just before they’re extinguished. Using the same repeated shot, the time of their demise is extended by rhythmically altering image and sound while layering the clip’s audio. Not only is a concert of light created, but also an original sound composition is revealed built entirely from a lone sample of breath that blows out the flame.

Mikey Peterson is a Chicago-based video-audio artist and singer-songwriter. He creates experimental video art that focuses on rhythm, sound, and organic abstraction having shown work internationally at festivals such as the Performance Intermedia and DokumentART Festivals in Szczecin, Poland, at the From Chicago to Lahore: Connecting Edge exhibition at the Chicago Cultural Center, the Chicago Calling Arts Festival in Chicago, IL, Zero Filme in Lisbon and Braga, Portugal and at the Short Sighted film exhibition at the University of Chicago’s Smart Museum. His video work has also been exhibited on the Europe-based satellite television channel Art Television. Peterson also records and performs as a solo musician, crafting sparse yet melodic songs with his band The Trust, and as The Duende Bros has partnered with poet Eric Elshtain to develop an inimitable form of musical dance poetry

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