Drip / 1:26 minutes
Artist name: Minjoo Lee

Drip is a video installation in which fluids fall down and rise back up repeatedly accompanied by an inhaling sound. What I try to convey through this work is not shapes, colors or sound, but time, itself. We are not able to be aware of time on everyday basis, because it goes regularly. When we start to have a consciousness, however, it is there. We are living within it. I try not to objectify time, for example, by bringing an object to represent something related to subject matters or by giving an adequate shape to it. I’d rather like to let it flow. Let it go as it is. I am well aware that no human being can seize time in our hands.

artist based in New York

Artist Statement
I am interested in the movement that everything alive makes from moment to moment. Although a single captured moment can be full of hidden meaning to us, movement adds a sense of strong vitality and shows tenacious hold on life. Whether the subject is ceaselessly moving nature or intricately entangled city scenes, moving things always keep my eyes open. When we look at something alive, it constantly becomes something else. What we are looking at is not what it was any more and what we are going to look at is always what is not happening yet. Only the “movement” itself is the most present.


Email: minjoolee111@gmail.com
Website: http://minjoolee.com/home.html

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