Becoming You / 2:45 minutes
Artist name: Nabi Nara

Becoming You – Be my Doll – No rehearsal, no predicted plan, just live for Second Performance Festival , Berlin, Germany

Nabi Nara is a multi-disciplinary artist who worked nomadically, and has chosen her base in Berlin. She works in interactive, processual performance, installation and wearable sculpture. Her interactive performances offer a provocative exploration of their immediate environment and the sense of identity. She often works with fashion related materials and themes, using lo-fi tactics to interrogate representation. She presented her works in Haus der Kulturen der Welt and The Freies Museum in Berlin, in the Frauen Museum in Bonn, in Instants Video Poetique, France, in The Second Avenue Firehouse Gallery of New York, in the Wolstenholme Creative Space in Liverpool and in the Cellar Gallery of Krakow.



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