COIL new BALLET / 4:27 minutes
Artist name: Paul-Felix Montez

Coil Ballet, visual presentation of new American Ballet and music score, it a full length 2 hour story contemporary Ballet. Peninsula Ballet Company headed by Bruce Stievel artistic director wants to produce this ballet for Fall 2012. The production would be filmed digitally and then distributed world wide to Ballet audiences. The sets take on the full musical score animating themselves as the dancers move through the “Coil” elements of the large scale sculptures by Paul-Felix Montez, upon which the entire visual side of the Ballet is presented.” COIL” the ballet is based on the Hamlet Soliloquy”To be or not to be and the specific line ; “Shuffle off this mortal coil”.

Major 2011 art installation exhibit: N.Y. Times quote: “Its extraordinary”. Major art interviews and over 200 articles on exhibition. Full information on my website:

Artist Statement
My work explores the intersection of vast cultural iconographic events, forms, narratives from a abstract perspective reforming these elements.



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