Percy Katt Presents THRWTHLV / 3:55 minutes
Artist name: Percy Katt

Percy Katts rise to notoriety began at the age of 17, when he left his parochial home town for New York City to embark on a modeling career. Despite his achievements, which included runway and photo work in the world’s fashion capitals, he realized that fashion – in spite of its seductive glamour – lacked the opportunities for creativity and self-expression that he so passionately required. Leaving this life behind, he returned to Canada and reinvented himself as a night-life personality and performance artist. Throughout these chameleonic transformations, one aspect of his life has remained a constant: his drive to express himself through art. Katts work is lurid, narcissistic and risque, but it also raises important and challenging questions about sexuality, materialism, identity politics, and self-promotion. Over the last ten years he has amassed a portfolio of hundreds of images, and, in the process, has collaborated with various high-profile photographers, models, burlesque stars and designers. Katts future is still undetermined, as he could just as easily become a cunty socialite, an underground icon, a political revolutionary or the next Andy Warhol, but one thing is certain: he will transcend any obstacle that stands between him and that dream.



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