Frozen memories / 3:45 minutes
Artist name: Rogier Dirkx

Small images are always little memories, snapshots of someones life, dreams, ideals,frozen moments on a instant photo. This time, in this short film they’re lost in ice, than defrosted to give a little peek, so they can return back in the ice ,keeping their little mystery again….

Some things I’ve done about art, music video and photography: 1986-1988 High Art School Maastricht— 1988-1991 Royal Academy for the Arts ‘s Hertogenbosch— 1991 Art enterprise Plons Maastricht(nl)— 1991 ” ” L5 Roermond (nl)— 1991 City theatre Roemond (nl)— 1992 Gal. Spreeuwenberg Herkenbosch (nl)— 1992 Little Acedemy Düsseldorf (ge)— 1992 ABP Heerlen (nl)— 1993 Formed by fire/ Gal. M Dirkx Roermond (nl)— 1994 Exhibition on location Gal. Mariska Dirkx Roermond (nl)— 1995 Gal. Boogaert Austerlitz (nl)— 1996 Masterclass art in glass (nl, ge, be)— 1998 Studio de waag Helmond (nl)— 1999 Installation CKV Roermond (nl)— 1999 Exhibition instalation on location Sprimont (be)— 2000 Exhibitions Gal Rex Mundu Roermond (nl)— 2000 Den Biest Weert (nl)— 2000 Gal. Galeum Heerlen (nl)— 2000 MECC Maastricht (nl)— 2001 Renasa Maastricht (nl)— 2001 Art and Bussines Centre Maastricht (nl)— 2001 Kunst Ahoy Rotterdam (nl)— 2001 Artevent Eindhoven (nl)— 2001 Cut Up Viersen (ge)— 2002 Gal Anubis Budel (nl)— 2002 Cut Up Viersen (ge)— 2002 Project “Drift”Roermond (nl)— 2002 Artevent Eindhoven(nl)— 2003 Gal Gartner and Partner Antwerpen (be)— 2003 Gal. koffie and kunst Leiden (nl)— 2003 Festipet Art manifestation Udenhout (nl)— 2004 Artevent Haarlem (nl)— 2004 Museum De Kluis Boekel N Brabant (nl)— 2004 Gal. Paulien Maastricht (nl)— 2004 Gal Re-Vue Maarsen/ Utrecht (nl)— 2004 Artevent Ahoy Rotterdam (nl)— 2004 Artibosch ‘s Hertogenbosch (nl)— 2004 Artevent Antwerpen (be)— 2005 Art manifestation Landbouwbelang Maastricht (nl)— 2006 Artevent Gal. M Dirkx Grathem (nl)— 2006 Saiveart Saive/ Liege (be)— 2006-2007 Installations Pittstowe Roermond (nl)— 2007 L5 Roermond (nl) 2008 Art manifestation Landbouwbelang Maastricht (nl)— 2008 New experiments and making new works, I love it !!!!

Artist Statement
In combination with video’s I want to try to make my own world, first I did the same with iron sculptures in combination with my music but I’ ve discovered that working with video in combination with my music is more direct and is appealing more to fantasy and toughts ! What I try to to tell you are the feelings about abandonment, desolation and and the dark site of our existence so you accept the beauty of very small and normal things of nature and our normal environment. The desire to magic! I hope you enjoy. Band member and filmmaker: Rogier Dirkx



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