What We Call Ourselves / 3:06 minutes
Artist name: Sarah Scaduto

Sometimes life develops so strangely, and before I let it get a hold of me, I wish to get a hold of myself. I reminisce to remind myself that I will always be me. No matter how the present looks, the past will always and forever be dear. This short film includes found footage of myself when I was a five-year old in a Russian orphanage.

I am a recent BFA graduate from the University of Georgia (Athens, GA). Although my major emphasis was on photography, I had a growing interest in film over the past year. I hope to continue to learn and produce more short art films before pursuing graduate school or a solo career.




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  • Hello,

    I featured and responded to your video on my collective video art response and debut blog: Motion Pixel Poetry! Take a look!


    Serina Paris