Enoch / 13:45 minutes
Artist name: Sije Kingma

From torn pieces of cloth, sand and washed trash rises a grubby world. A creature lives here. Randomly placed by it’s creator, this fake-individual tries to fill in an excistence of madness and violence. In a lonely workshop he is building something. Suddenly the machine rises and drags the protagonist in an inevitable destiny

During his studies at the academy of fine arts, Kingma begins experimenting with the narrative sides of videoart. Besides examining the technical possibilities of the new media, Kingma drowns himself in his own fantasies. Together with his classmate Fabian de Boer, Kingma produces some short experimental films. These are films where puppets or puppetlike figures have the main part in a harsh and violent world. In 2005 Kingma graduates with a bigger filmproject, Arsenicum. The puppets might be exchanged for real actors but the harsh fantasies of earlier works keep on being the main theme. At present Kingma uses different methods to produce his work. Rigid 2D animations are combined with edited graphics and self shot film material. Recurrent themes are: boy wonders, B-movies, paralel universes, games, comics, antagonists, propaganda and autocracy.

Email: sijekingma@gmail.com
Website: http://www.sijekingma.nl

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