Tropos / 3:13 minutes
Artist name: Steven Hoskins

Tropos: to turn or change easily. Troposphere: the layer of the environment where weather is generated. Trope: a figurative use of a word. Balloons stumble through an emergent spiral matrix composed of asynchronous high speed clouds. Music: “Sunrise” piano duet by Emmett Cooke, licensed use.

Video artist and designer working from Richmond, Virginia, USA.

Artist Statement
I have spent most of my life as a graphic designer, and recently as a graphic design educator who teaches and practices in video. Much of this work is imbued with formal/visual explanations for the Hermeneutic Circle: the understanding of meaning derived from interrelationships between part and whole. This is embodied in the video image that is broken and reassembled; fragmented and reconstituted; a union made of asynchrony. Chaotic and irregular movements converge into unified movement; small multiples begin to move as a system.

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